The Calendar Girls

Last night I watched a movie that I thought was an incredibly inspiring and touching. Sure I have already seen it before countless times but it truly is a good movie. It’s called The Calendar Girls, a British film that is quite funny and well I  since sunflowers are such a big part of the movie I chose to edit a picture of a sunflower for one of my assignment and thought this would be a good explanation as to why. Also if you haven’t seen the movie you should it’s great.


Oh and if you want to do something like this to a picture the link is taged.


Mystery of The Cheesecake!

In my Technology class we have a project called Genius Hour. This project is basically doing research on any topic of your choice that you find interesting and want to learn about, then you present what you find ton the rest of the class.

For my first Genius Hour project I decided that I wanted to learn how to make my mothers famous Cheesecake and maybe see if I could make one that’s better. I chose this topic because my mom has always made it on special occasions and everyone has always loved it, but I was always busy just enjoying how good it was. When I was actually making it though I realized just how long it took to make it. Four hours … and I made two of them. Although, it took ages to make it, I found that it was actually quite easy it just  took a while to cook. When I was finally done, with the presentation and everything, i don’t think I made a huge impact on my person but I now understand just how dedicated my mom is to backing and very grateful to her because she always puts time aside to make it for me and my siblings. I think that this will make me see that both my parents wouldn’t mind a hand in the kitchen, and I would love to help.

Also, a final note is that I can’t wait to see what I’ll do for my next genius hour.

Walking On A Thread

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The stary night is all we see as we lay on the hill not sure of how to break the silence that is almost unsettling with none of the music of the earth to accompany it. ” Why are we here?”, she finally asks although I don’t quite have an answer for her even though I feel like it’s the right place to be in this moment. “I’m not saying I don’t want to be here or anything but I was just curiousness”, she said , “Well, I know that you are having a hard time and I though that this would help … clear you mind, or something.” I cringed at how awkward I sounded, even though it was an answer it wasn’t what I wanted to say. I knew why she was stressed out but it also wasn’t any of my business unfortunately. I wish I could be that close to her, but few ever get that close before they get pushed away …