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When going to a school there are always going to be after school activities (ASA) such as sports, clubs, and student council, but there might not be out of school groups like girl/boy scouts or something else for students/teenagers. Even if there you’re not a social person anywhere you go you’ll probably be in a group or sport at least once.

Before I came to my school, The International School of Dakar (ISD), I had only been in one type of community group thing and it was girl scouts when I lived in Mauritania. when I moved I didn’t do much because I either wasn’t motivated or I wasn’t good enough to get into the group. An example of that would be when I lived in Louisiana and I tried out for the Basketball team at my school.

Now that I’m at ISD on the other hand, since it is a private school with very few students, you can join any sport without being cut from the team and you can join any club. ever since I got here all I have been doing is activity after activity so I basically give myself almost no free time so I am always studying or doing a sport. This year I have been all the sports and also green team which is a group of students that do gardening and recycling at the school and around town.

Another cool thing about going to my school is there are a lot of supplies for sports and science clubs and many of the teachers are willing to supervise these ASA’s. Also there are so many different clubs and also chances to get volunteer hours at my school such as: swimming, volleyball, softball, basketball, track and field, soccer, tennis, green team, student council, peace team, open science lab, girls club (middle school), BIG (big brother/sister), and I am probably leaving out a lot of others but I just can’t think of them right now.

Since there isn’t much else to do outside of school unless it’s surfing most people at school do at least one ASA just to say that they don’t have to much free time. Me personally do a lot of sports and clubs because if I have to much free time I end up procrastinating to much and don’t get any work done at the end of the day, but with the activities I have so little time that I don’t really think about procrastinating much.

That is basically what type of activities are like for me and how they affect most people.


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