Favorite Art Types

Today I have decided to write about art styles, which ones are my favorite, and what type of supplies I like to use with them.

When it comes to art (unless you’re actually interested in) most people don’t know that there are different art styles, let alone the names for them. For example a few types of art styles are impressionism, contour line drawing, wet on wet painting, abstract painting, zentangle, and many more.

When it comes to which is my favorite I would have to split it up into more than one category, which would be painting and drawing, although out of those two I prefer drawing.

On the topic of drawing I usually prefer using a pencil because you can always erase a mistake, but I love using sharpies as well. My favorite style of drawing is Zentangle or just anything with a lot of detail. Zentagle is basically just a bunch of doodles or patterns in any arrangement that you choose. Here are some Zentangle of mine:


These are only a few of the zentagles I have actually done.

My favorite style of painting is impressionism because it’s so real and is usually very colorful. On the subject of paint I do prefer acrylic paint because it is relatively easy to clean up and it is easy to control and manipulate when on paper. Also I very much prefer acrylic over watercolor paint because there is almost no control over where the paint goes. Here are some examples of impressionism by much more famous artists.


Hope everyone enjoyed reading.

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