About Me


I come from

I come from Southeast Ohio

from a cabin in the woods

with the smell of freshly cut grass

I come from a family of creativity    

where no one doubts the other

where our differences are embraced


I come from hard work, happiness and sorrow

staying in one place long enough to make friends but have theme thrown away

I come from emotion

so much of mine that I hide so no one sees my pain

I come from independents

not wanting help even if the task is to difficult and I hurt myself along the way

I come from experience

so many places I’ve been but never found the feeling of home

so many people I’ve met but never found a true friend

I come from kindness

never wanting to hurt anyone else but almost never getting anything in return

never wanting to see the tears of sadness leak from the corners of there eyes

never wanting people to feel the pain that I hide and cover up with a smile

I come from hope

always waiting for things to get better not only for myself but also for those I love dearly                                                                                                                       


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